Men’s Gold-Filled Peach Moonstone Beaded Cord Bracelet


For the man who loves fashion, this bracelet deserves a spot on his wrist.

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Men’s gold-filled Peach Moonstone beaded cord bracelet. This men’s gold-filled Peach Moonstone beaded cord bracelet, with an adjustable length of 7.50 inches. We crafted this piece in 14/20K with 6.00 mm round beads of Peach Moonstone separated by gold-filled beads that give it distinction and elegance.
Let this bracelet be a special gift for your husband or lover. A perfect gift for any occasion.

The typical hue ranges from a tan brown to a delicate peach or pink shade, which becomes more apparent under direct sunlight. This alteration in color is attributed to the higher concentration of aluminum present in the feldspar’s chemical composition. A significant amount of Peach Moonstone is currently emerging from Madagascar, and local artisans, are actively crafting and sculpting the abundant material.

Also available in Obsidian stone.


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