Red Tiger Eye Dangle Gold Filled Earrings

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Wearing earrings is like putting on a little bit of glitter and magic to start your day off right.

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Red Tiger Eye dangle gold filled earrings. A glamorous pair of dangle earrings with 12 mm to 6 mm graduated radiant red Tiger Eye stones that swing elegantly from the ear. These earrings are 14/20 yellow gold filled 3” long. The artisan red Tiger Eye dangle gold filled earrings come with a pushback.

Tiger Eye is a stone with a history of lore and mythology. In the most famous myth, Tiger Eye represents a Tiger’s prey and their fleeting moments of life. This ties into the Ancient Egyptian’s use of the Tiger Eye. Within Ancient Egypt, Tiger Eye was associated with the sun god and closely aligned with the goddess of war.

Also available in Mixed Tiger EyeGreen Tiger EyeGolden Tiger EyeGolden Blue Tiger EyeBrown Tiger Eye, and Blue Tiger Eye.


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